Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

TWY A/Ramp Reconstruction Update

Hello Everyone,

I want to update you on our plans for TWY A/Ramp reconstruction because we have met with all the tenant groups over the last week.

On Tuesday, Nov 12 we had a great session that the Reno-Stead Airport Association/Stead Users hosted with a great pasta feed.  On Wednesday we met with Aviation Classics followed on Thursday with RARA.  Today we just finished up with Tactical Air Support and BLM.

Wow, we had some great observations, but for those of you who did not make a meeting I have attached a sheet that shows all the phases.

To recap:

-This is a huge project.  It’s about 2 ½ times more pavement than the RWY 8/26 project in 2018.

-Our objective is to give you: New TWY A, better drainage, and new ramp with improved layout/flow.

-We think the construction of this project will unfold over three years.  Depending on when and how much money FAA grants us next year, we will get started.

-In Year 1 we hope to do the drainage improvements and the east ramp, shown as Phases 1 – 7 on the attachment.  Realistically, how much we do each year will be contingent on when the -FAA controls funding amounts and timing, so be flexible.

-We will move west each year, except we think the drainage improvements in Year 1 will move from west to east.

-We know that Air Races will need all pavements in September, but there may be pavements in construction during PRS in June. The BLM needs their space from June 1-October 1. The plan will have to work around these needs.

-There a many things we might like to do as we build a new ramp.  Funding will drive what ultimately gets built.

-**At some point access to the hangars will be difficult, or in some cases impossible.  Our staff will work continually to reduce the time you are inconvenienced, but it can’t be totally avoided.**

-Be flexible, things may change, but our staff will keep you in the loop on everything.

We are getting very close to 60% design review and we should be incorporating some of the observations you shared already.  Our engineering staff has a goal of releasing the final, 100% plans for bid just after the New Year.  Sometime in the Spring, 2020 you should plan for another big Stead Users meeting to learn about what is going to happen.

That said, I would invite you all to stop in when you can to learn about this project, share observations, and connect with us on how to minimize impact on you.  It is not too early to let us know what you are thinking; it’s cheaper and better to integrate in the plan now than wait for construction contracts to make alterations.

This project is a BIG deal.  I am super happy that we are already connecting, and I am confident that you will help make this project as successful as the runway project…even if it is going to go on longer and be a bit more of a hassle!  Thanks for your help this past week and thanks for keeping engaged moving forward.  As we used to say in the Blackhorse Cavalry:  Allons, Allons, Always Allons!


Mike Scott

Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)

Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority