Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Tenant Notice: 2022 Air Races

September 2, 2022

Greetings from the Stead Staff,

The National Championship Air Races will return to Stead in a little over a week, the purpose of this letter is to provide you with the most recent information available on the activities at the Stead Airport in preparation for this exciting event. Included is a one page “cheat sheet” of Air Race timelines covered in this letter to aid your planning.


As was the case in 2021, ALL RACE AIRCRAFT are required to be in the pits no later than 1200, Saturday, 10Sep. Due to this requirement, we will see increased race participant activity earlier in arrival week. Waivered flight activity (practice / qualifying) at RTS under the TFR begins Sunday, 11Sep.

The TFR is in effect from 1015-1800 Sunday, 11Sep, and from 0715-1800 Monday, 12Sep through Saturday, 17Sep, and from 0715 – 2000 Sunday, 18Sep.

NCAR impacts on you, the tenants, will begin much earlier than race week with many vehicles, pedestrians, and non-standard activities on the west ramp area (unlimited pit area, VIP tents, etc.). By Monday, September 5, we will all need to exercise extreme caution while taxing, due to the large numbers of non-airport pedestrians and vehicles in the area. This is the day set-up will really hit the ramp areas west of the grandstands. The potential for conflict will be VERY HIGH! If possible, please tow your aircraft to the north end of the ramp, rather than taxi through the work areas.

  • All tenants must have Air Race credentials affixed to their vehicles, and appropriate individual credentials displayed, to enter the Reno-Stead Airport beginning Monday, 12 Sep.
  • As part of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority’s efforts to provide excellent customer service to our tenants, the RTAA has again made arrangements for Reno-Stead tenants to relocate their aircraft to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport during race week. There will be no charge for parking at RNO from 0800 Friday, 09Sep thru 1700 Tuesday, 20Sep. Upon landing, notify the tower you wish to taxi to the location Atlantic Aviation assigned you. When possible, contact Atlantic Aviation Unicom on freq. 131.6 for additional instructions.

To make arrangements to relocate to RNO, contact Atlantic Aviation:

Kailey Salter –

Or, Bernie Conaway –

at 858-7300 and let them know you are a Stead pilot re-locating for Air

Races. Due to security requirements at RNO, you will be required to provide

the following information to Atlantic:

  1. Your name
  2. Aircraft type and tail number
  3. Your Cell phone number

This information will be provided to the airport communications center.

You will have access to your aircraft 24 hours a day, but there will not be services available from 2200-0600 daily. Fueling services are available at any time during the day or night, however you will need to taxi to the Atlantic Aviation facility. For access to your aircraft please contact Atlantic Aviation (775-858-7300) 30 minutes prior to arrival. Please let them know your N number and where your aircraft is located. At this time, it appears parking will be on the east side of RNO, but Atlantic will verify your parking location when you arrange your arrival time. This courtesy arrangement includes aircraft parking at RNO only. Any additional services you require will need to be coordinated with Atlantic and will be provided at Atlantic’s normal rates and fees. If you are a hangar owner at RTS and choose to take advantage of this offer, be aware NO COMMERCIAL VENTURES are authorized in your hangar during race week. I would appreciate your help in tracking use of the “Atlantic option” by letting me know if you plan to relocate to RNO. As always, feel free to contact me at 328-6570 or 690-3319 if you have questions.

  • The FAR Part 91 Waiver will be in effect beginning Sunday, 11Sep at 1015-1800, then daily from 0715-1800 from Monday, 12Sep through Sunday, 18Sep. For the waiver to be in effect, “RACE CONTROL” must be up and operating.
  • A TFR will be in effect from 1015-1800 on Sunday 11Sep and EVERY DAY after from 0715-1800 beginning Monday, 12Sep through Saturday, 17Sep. On Sunday, 18Sep the TFR will be in effect from 0715 – 2000. There will be NO Waiver or TFR in effect on Monday, 19Sep. A later TFR is established to facilitate safe operations due to numerous participant departures after the Races are complete. NOTE: A Prior Permission Required (PPR) assignment is required for all tenants to operate from Stead at all times, beginning 0600 on Sunday, 11Sep until 0600 on Monday, 19Sep. Contact Dani Austin at (775)250-9449, or me at (775)690-3319 no later than 24 hours in advance for a PPR assignment.
  • TEMPORARY CONTRACT TOWER: Hours of operation (Local) for the temporary tower (“Stead Tower” 121.05) will be:
  • Thursday Friday 08-09Sep 0800-1700
  • Saturday, 10Sep, 0800 – 1430
  • Sunday, 11Sep. 1800-2000
  • Monday, 12Sep – Sunday, 18Sep 1800 or Last Racer on Deck (LROD)-until 2000 daily.
  • On Monday, 19Sep from 0800-1200, Stead Airport will be a controlled airport. Contact Stead Tower for Taxi and Takeoff/Landing on 121.05.
  • If you plan to operate from RTS Sunday, 11Sep thru Sunday, 18Sep arrivals and departures should be planned for no later than 0700 in the morning and no earlier than 1800 in the afternoon. (See NOTE in TFR section above).


  • f you are departing between 0600 – 0700, there will not be a tower in operation, so broadcast intentions on CTAF (122.7). For arrivals after LROD, contact Stead Tower on 121.05; for departures, contact Stead Ground on 126.4. On initial contact, advise you are “Stead tenant with AWOS”. If something happens that absolutely requires you to depart during racing, contact me at 775-690-3319 to coordinate your request. Please do not use this service unless absolutely necessary (life and death emergency would qualify). If you are authorized (PPR assignment) to depart during racing hours, contact “Ground” on 126.4 for taxi instructions. If arriving with PPR, contact “Stead Tower”, frequency 121.05, 10 NM out for instructions. There will be NO arrivals or departures while racing aircraft are on the racecourse.
  • Due to high volumes of personnel and visitors on the ramp, A NO PROP / ENGINE TURN LINE will be in effect from 0800 Thursday, 08Sep, and remain in effect 24/7 until 1200 Monday, 20Sep. Exercise EXTREME CAUTIONat all times while taxiing due to the possibility of pedestrians and vehicles in all areas of the airport. I realize the level of inconvenience this creates, but the safety of our visitors and you is more important. The NO PROP / ENGINE TURN LINE is north of the pit areas, and indicates the northern boundary where aircraft are allowed to operate under power. No aircraft may operate under their own power south or west of the NO PROP / ENGINE TURN LINE. Please contact Jim Cassidy at 775-671-1440 to coordinate a tow to or from the NO PROP / ENGINE TURN LINE to your hangar. If you move your aircraft yourself, we will be happy to get you to and from your hangar. 24 hour advance notice would be a great help to us to provide this service

o The NO PROP / ENGINE TURN LINE is a solid double red line.

  • The runway 32 ILS will be NOTAMed “Out of Service” beginning 1000 Friday, 09Sep, with return to service scheduled by 1000, Tuesday, 20Sep.

Finally, I also want to give a big thanks to the Stead staff who have worked very hard to sustain a great facility for you over the last year. I hope you’ll agree that our staff continues to maintain and improve our airport all the time! Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this event and I wish you all a safe and healthy race week!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns and suggestions regarding our airport.

My contact information is Office: 775-328-6570, Cell: 775-690-3319 or you may email me at Anyone wishing to receive these email notifications please send your e-mail address to me as well.


Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon

Reno-Stead Airport Manager