Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Tenant Letter

Greetings from the staff at Stead,

I want to provide you with important information regarding activities at Stead.

  • Taxiway C project: The first phase of Taxiway C reconstruction is almost finished. Taxiway A2 will be reopened by noon on Saturday, June 13. Taxiway C will remain closed until completion of the project, now scheduled for some time in mid-August. As always, check NOTAMs for current airport conditions.
  • Vehicle Operations: For the most part, vehicle operators at RTS adhere to good, safe driving practices in the vicinity of aircraft. REMEMBER: Runways and Taxiways are restricted to Authorized Vehicles Only, i.e. Airport Authority or Aviation Classics on OFFICIAL BUSINESS. Some folks still drive WAY too fast on the ramp and in the vicinity of the hangars, and everyone would appreciate it if all drivers would adhere to the POSTED 15 MPH speed limit on the ramp in vicinity of the hangars. As always, aircraft have the right of way. Can you see and avoid an aircraft coming out of the taxilanes? Your cooperation will be appreciated by everyone.
  • PRS / FAST TRAINING: PRS is scheduled June 17-20 inclusive. The annual letter from the Air Race “Air Boss” and the arrivals and departures information are included with this letter. As in the past, there are designated arrival and departure slots for RTS tenants, so check the schedule and plan accordingly. These are the only times during the TFR and waiver that you will be able to use RTS.

In addition, we will have a Sport Class and Racing Jets Incorporated sanctioned Formation And Safety Team training program here the weekend before PRS. I have worked with coordinators of both groups to insure we have an operations plan to integrate their flight requirements with our tenants. The FAST groups will have a qualified observer on the field to coordinate and deconflict formation overhead approach to land procedures with pattern traffic. The jets implemented this program last year, and it worked extremely well. Please use good judgement and cooperate with these training operations. Extending your downwind to let a formation depart, being heads up on where the flights are, etc., would be appreciated by everyone. These folks are working hard to be cooperative, and we can do the same.

Best regards,
Mike Dikun
Reno-Stead Airport Manager

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