Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Taxiway A Crack Sealing May 29 – June 2, 2018

Beginning on Tuesday, May 29 we will be crack filling on TWY A daily thru Saturday. I do not plan to post a NOTAM for this work as there is plenty of space to maneuver around, and the team will monitor the CTAF.

If tenants are taxiing, they will need to maneuver around the crack filling team using the ramp adjacent to TWY A. The team will mark the area where there is fresh tar so you can avoid taxiing thru it.

The plan is to begin near the M-Block at A3 and work to the east.  We are using a new material that has more rigidity to fill the cracks and smooth them as best we can. Tuesday is a training day with our vendor because this material requires a special machine.

Our focus is first to do about 15+ feet either side of the taxiway centerline between A3 and B. After that we will see how much material we have left and prioritize it to other areas along taxiways. As I indicated, our objective is to smooth over the wider cracks with material that does not have as much “give” as our usual treatment.

To give you a HEADS UP…Q+D is nearing completion of the new concrete parking pads on the center ramp. As early as May 31, but scheduled for June 1, their painters will be spraying connecting lines to the TWY A centerline. They will work around taxiing aircraft and this painting goes very fast, so should have minimal impact. That said, if you are passing by just when they spray paint on the centerline, you may have to wait a minute or two for them to clear and the paint to dry. You should be able to taxi closer to the dirt on the north side of TWY A to avoid the fresh paint, but it dries in minutes.

Again, thanks for your patience and flex on this work. Know it is inconvenient for flight ops, but we want to give you the best operating surfaces that we can, so we need to get in your way sometimes. Please share this info around, and let me know if you have any questions.


Mike Scott
Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority