Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Stead Tenant Bulletin – Construction Runway 8/26 Updated 3/26/18

UPDATE 3/26/2018

In my last tenant bulletin we had just begun work and I sent you the graphic below for clarity on what is open and closed.

As you can see if you have been in the pattern, work has progressed dramatically. The small part of the runway east of 14/32 is just about fully excavated, and we are grinding the part of 8/26 where it crossed TWY B to the west of RWY 14/32. The bits they are currently working are scheduled to be repaved by the end of May when we will lift the current operating restrictions on RWY 14/32 and re-open TWY B full length.

In NEW info, I wanted you to know that Road and Highway Builders are hauling grindings from the TWY B area west on Runway 8/26. They are hauling on the runway thru the TWY C intersection. There is a flagger with a radio on CTAF at that intersection to halt trucks if anyone is taxiing thru. But please taxi thru there with additional awareness. Also at the TWY C intersection, the contractor has a sweeper that is continually cleaning up as trucks pass thru your taxiway.

Once the grinding in the TWY B area is finished, as early Tuesday, March 27, the contractor will leapfrog the grinding to the west of TWY C. They will begin the grinding on RWY 8/26 from TWY C west to TWY A4, and begin to grind A4 and West A as things progress. This will NOT change your taxi routes or what is open and closed.

The weather last week caused our construction to pause a bit, but so far we seem to be on track. Let me know if you have any question, and please keep up with NOTAMs when flying.

Please share and give feedback to me if you notice anything that we have not covered.

UPDATE 3/2/2018

The following NOTAMs have been posted to notify users of construction closures beginning March 5, 2018.

RTS 03/007 RTS RWY 08/26 CLSD 1803051500-1809040700

RTS 03/008 RTS RWY 14/32 CLSD TO ACFT WINGSPAN MORE THAN 78FT AND APCH SPEED MORE THAN 120KTS EXC 24 HR PPR 7753286570 1803051600-1805270001

RTS 03/009 RTS TWY B BTN TWY A AND TWY B1 CLSD TAXI TO RWY 14 VIA TWY C 1803051600-1805270001


Please share this with others who need to know so everyone can plan appropriately for their use of the Reno-Stead Airport during this major reconstruction project. Please call me if you have any questions about these NOTAMs or if you think I can assist planning your use of Stead.

UPDATE 3/5/2018

[Download graphic as pdf – NOTE: The NOTAM will always take precedence over the locally-generated graphic.]



This is my first tenant bulletin to you about the Runway reconstruction project that Road and Highway Builders of Sparks will begin on Runway 8/26 on March 5, 2018. I am going to try and keep each bulletin focused so there is not too much info to recall, but this means you might receive them more frequently. This message will probably be the longest because it is the initial. We will back these bulletins up with NOTAMS, so please keep current there as well. You should be able to find this bulletin, along with past ones, on the Reno-Stead Airport Association website at: category/stead-airport- manager/

Runway 8/26 is scheduled to be closed on March 5, 2018 until it is TEMPORARILY re-opened for the Reno Air Races on September 4, 2018 as a day, VFR runway. After Air Races it will close again for completion of all construction items before re-opening with full capability in late October.

The attached diagram was shown at the February 17th tenant breakfast and verified at our February 20th pre-construction meeting with the contractor. In the first phase of construction activity, we will be working inside the Runway Safety Area edges for Runway 14/32. This phase will last until May 27, 2018, when Runway 14/32 is returned for normal capability just in time for BLM fire season.

As a result of this initial phase, we are restricting Runway 14/32 to B-II category aircraft operations.

Any aircraft with a wingspan less than 79’ AND an approach speed of 120 knots or less, is a B-II aircraft and may use 14/32 without restriction. Any aircraft that exceeds these parameters, may be able to use the runway with restrictions by contacting the Stead Airport Manager no less than 24 hours in advance.

During this phase, Taxiway B will be closed from Taxiway A to Taxiway B1. You will access Runway 14/32 either via TWY C or from TWY A and the RWY 32 threshold.

Other activity you will see as part of this project includes a quarry site in the infield area between TWY B and the Army Guard facility, and vehicles hauling construction debris along the haul road just east of RWY 14/32. At no time should construction vehicles be crossing active airfield surfaces.

I want to give you a heads up that the Air Races will be holding a shortened Pylon Racing Seminar on June 9-10. This will result in activation of the waiver and you should be prepared for no access to the runways from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm on those days with the exception of emergency aircraft. During the week leading up to this shorter weekend PRS, the Sport and Jet classes will be conducting their formation training. This will add more than the normal level of traffic that week. More information will follow on this as we refine the plans.

For THIS week’s snow storm…Because we are closing 8/26 on Monday, if we get a fair bit of snow this Friday I plan to plow RWY 14/32 first. This is to make sure we have a clean runway if things ice up over the weekend when we come to Monday. We will of course plow TWY A, TWY C, and TWY B between B1 and B4 so you have runway access.

My last point is for neighboring airports and pilots who use Stead for training. Because we will have only one runway from March 5 – late October, 2018, I would ask you to avoid using Stead to the degree you normally do. Our single runway pattern will be more congested with normal tenant operations.

As always, let me know if you have questions and please share this info with other regional pilots so we can all stay happy while this important construction is taking place. Won’t it be great to have a nice, new runway surface?!

Mike Scott
Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

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