Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

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Recognition for ALL You Do to Make Us Successful

STEAD TENANT BULLETIN – Recognition for ALL You Do to Make Us Successful

I want everyone to know that I think it is awesome how our WHOLE Stead Airport Family pulled together to make our Runway Opening/Commemorative Brick Ceremony an incredible success.

First, the tenants and pilots who made it so easy to arrange the First Flight and displays…

Scott Seher, RV-8, Flight Lead

Chalk 2, Terry Matter in his 182

#3, Tracy Rhodes in his Swift

Slot, Ryan Greenhalgh flying a 182

Solo, Colin Aro in the CAF N3N Biplane

John D’Allesandris who brought over his P-51 and Bell 47 MASH helo

The TacAir team with one of their “new” F-5’s

Sergeant Doug Russell and the WC Sheriff RAVEN crew with their UH-1 Huey

The Commemorative Air Force L-19 Birddog

You did a great job executing the flying part of our ceremony and, like I said, made our Airport look GREAT.  Also a Shout Out to Aviation Classics for opening up the space we needed for the event. All y’all ROCK!

The runway construction team who gave us new pavement…new runways are an airport manager’s chocolate, you know!  Gary Probert the RTAA PM, Atkins who did all the construction oversight, Wood-Rodgers our design consultant, and Road and Highway Builders of Sparks, NV who made it ALL happen.

The RTAA staff who did all the planning and coordination…Annie Turner the project lead, Brian Kulpin, Kim Matthews, Mary Lee, Marty Mueller in IT along with Jim Liu, the Facility set-up crew, the customer service crew, and the parking crew.

Lastly, the six hardest working airport operators you can find who just happen to work at RTS…these are the finest witch and wizards that create airport magic every day for us all…Dani Austin-Cox (the food witch of our times), Ross Foote (head wizard), Rich Prior, Mario Garcia, Tony Miranda, Luis Becerra (junior wizard). Well done.

These people…YOU…are THE Reno-Stead Airport!

Please share this with your teams and friends, thanks.



Mike Scott
Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority