Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Ramp Work the week of May 14th – Updated 5/15


Last Friday I indicated to you that we planned to do fog sealing in the Miser hangar rows today, subject to weather.

Due to the risk of rain later today and tomorrow, we have delayed this work. This is because we do not want rain to fall on fresh oil and have to deal with messy run off or with spatter on your hangar doors. Not to mention wasting resources by having to do it over again.

We are working some minor areas today that have more limited risks, and will continue to work toward getting this important maintenance done. I apologize about the inconvenience for those impacted, but am sure you agree it’s best to avoid a mess.

I owe you a final schedule for FAA MALSR light repair on RWY 32. I have not gotten confirmation that it will be on Wednesday morning, June 16, but will post a NOTAM and send another update when I get a thumbs up.

Watch for more info, thanks, and Semper Gumby!



We plan two big maintenance activities next week that we need your help with.

First, if the weather cooperates we are planning  to fog seal the asphalt starting Tuesday, May 15th in the Miser block area, then Wednesday, May 16th between the Grand Stand Area all the way to Aviation Classics front doors, and on Thursday, May 17th from Aviation Classics to the Stead Maintenance shop. What this means to you:

    • Tuesday, May 15th -we ask that the tenants avoid the Miser block from 7:15 am until after noon while the work is being done there and the oil is drying. If you need your airplane that day, we would like you to get it onto the ramp on Monday, or before 7:00 am on Tuesday morning.  We want to keep our pavement healthy and this inconvenience is the price every couple of years.  Dani or I will send an email when we think the oil is dry for you and you can go back into the hangar rows.
    • Wednesday, May 16th – the main gate to the airfield at the base of the tower will be closed so tenants will have to use the two alternate gates by the maintenance shop and the one by the RARA hangar. The road between the terminal and the ramp fence will be closed and there will be no vehicle parking on the airside of the terminal or Aviation Classics. There will be landside access to the terminal.
    • Thursday, May 17th – there should be minimal impact to the tenants, unless we slip the schedule due to weather factors.

Second, we are working with FAA to close Runway 14/32 from 4 am to about 6 am to repair MALSR lights for the ILS approach. We tentatively plan to do this on Wednesday, May 16, but we WILL post a NOTAM for the date/time at least 24 hours in advance. I felt that by doing this work in the early morning, it would not have much impact on you.


Finally, some fun stuff and some shameless marketing for a really great tenant event…

The Stead Users group is hosting a Pancake Breakfast for all of the Stead tenants and local pilots Saturday, May 19th, please see attached flyer for all the yummy details!  We hope to see each and every one of you there. Please RSVP to Dave Miller @ 677-7937 if you plan on attending! (You will even get an update on construction from me and the contractor, along with a chance to go out and see the progress they have made.)