Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

NASA Drone Test Flying 17-26 May at Stead [UPDATED]

May 22nd Update

There will be up to 4 drones operating from the northern drone flight area from 0830-1200 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The NOTAM includes altitudes are up to 700’ AHO in the flight sector; until drones clear airport property to the north the max altitude should be 5,700’ MSL.

Thanks for your cooperation with flight routes in and out of the areas north of Stead to avoid the drone test area last week.

This week, the drone flights are  a bit more fast paced, so would ask that traffic to/from north stays either west of Red Rock Road until the Guard Shack or east over Lemmon Valley until the Kart Track. This helps deconfliction and airspace management a lot.

For your feedback, last week NASA was able to gather a fair bit of good data, both on the drones and what the sensor companies picked up of the manned flights in the area. This is one of the major goals of doing this kind of testing, but we want to do it so that all the airspace users can co-exist safely. By sharing this info, you can help meet this goal.

Thanks. Let me know if you have questions, and see the attached guidance, please.



This tenant bulletin contains details for your flight planning that builds on the information we provided in the Advance Notice on May 9, 2017.

Please review the information in the attached handout for flight planning at RTS during the next 10 days.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate this NASA drone testing with normal flights here at RTS, but it necessarily adds to our situational awareness challenges.

To the degree possible, please let regional flight instructors know about this. While we welcome all at RTS, the airspace has a potential to be pretty crowded during this timeframe, so would ask you consider using other facilities for training.

As always, please share this info with anyone else who needs to know this so they can do their flying with more awareness.

Mike Scott
Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority