Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

June Airport Manager’s Newsletter


It seems like we can’t quite get to summer. I know how antsy everyone is getting, because the first reasonable day sees quite a lot of flight activity. I know we are all anxious for days with less than gale force winds out of the southwest. Here is the latest and greatest on what to expect at Stead.

RTS Runway Safety Area Improvements: The RSA project is substantially complete. The last items to be completed include flight checking the PAPI for 26, and hopefully we will be able to return 08 PAPI to service, depending upon acceptance of greater than 3% glideslope. That ridge out to the west is an airspace problem, as are the hills north of 14. As a reminder, the following changes were made regarding runway length available for take off and landing.
For runway 08:
Take Off Distance Available (TODA) will be 6,956’
Take Off Run Available (TORA) will be 6,956’
Landing Distance Available (LDA) will be 6,956’
For Runway 26:
TODA will be 7,608’ (unchanged)
TORA will be 7,608’ (unchanged)
LDA will be 7,294’, as a result of the displaced threshold.
For Runway 14 / 32: Unchanged.

A REMINDER:  The FAA final rule regarding “the Re-Registration and Renewal of Aircraft Registration” was published on July 20, 2010 and became effective on October 1, 2010. ALL U.S. registered aircraft must be re-registered with the FAA. A poster from
our FAA friends with all necessary information is posted in the pilot lounge. Please note: Failure to comply will have consequences regarding your aircraft registration.

Tim Brill, aka the Aerobatic Company and Flight School continues to host “PIZZA AND A MOVIE” at Stead. This opportunity for a little social fun and airplane thrills and chills is on Friday nights, in a location to be determined (the pilot lounge). For more information,
contact Tim at (775) 329-3366 or (

We have two events coming to Stead that will SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACT your use of the field. The first event begins on Tuesday, June 7, and continues through Sunday, June 12. A film crew will be on site to wrap up aerial footage for the IMAX film “Air Racers 3D: Forces of Flight.” This effort will involve many different aspects of airfield use, including unlimited racers on the race course, various take off and landing sequences, and even the Smoke and Thunder jet car and Kent Pietsch and his RV landing sequence. We will have a mini show and or circus out here, and everyone needs to be extremely “heads up” and cooperative. The film crew will use a helicopter for filming many scenes, including the choreographed race sequences. The film company’s flight manual and operating plan has been reviewed by FAA and me, and FAA will issue a waiver for the flight activities. Safety staff from the film company, as well as airport staff will monitor all radio communications on CTAF 122.7 to coordinate safe flight operations for the film company, participating aircraft, and you, the Stead tenants. COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE CRITICAL TO FLIGHT SAFETY! If anyone is interested, I will provide a briefing in my office on Tuesday, June 7 at 1000 in my office. Here is an abbreviated schedule of events for your consideration:

• 1500 – 1600: – Strega and the helicopter will be doing some flight work involving taxi,
take off, in flight and return to landing.
• 1100-1200 – Aerial footage (helicopter flight) of Smoke and Thunder on runway 8-26.
o Maximum of two passes, no more than 10 minutes each.
• 1430-1600 – Aerial footage (helicopter) of Greg Poe aerobatic routine and Kent Pietsch
landing on RV on ramp or taxiway A.
• 1030 – 1130 – Unlimited Flight 1 on race course. There will be 4 unlimited racers and
1 helicopter conducting simulated racing on the course, including entering the course
from the chute. All events are planned and choreographed for the camera. Speeds will
be well below race speeds. As in actual racing, the pilots will be fully occupied with
flying their aircraft. Please avoid all flight activity at Stead during this time.
• 1400 – 1500 – Unlimited Flight 2: Same as above.
• 1700 – 1800 – Unlimited Flight 3: Same as above.
• 1000 – 1100 – Unlimited Flight 4: Primary flight activity will be at pylons 3-4 and the
Valley of Speed, but expect flight activity on entire course.
• 1400 – 1500 – Unlimited Flight 5: Most shots will be simulated MAYDAY pull outs, but
expect flight activity everywhere on course.
• 1600 – 1700 – Aerial filming of unlimited taxi, run up and take off for 08 and 26.
• 1700 -1800 – Unlimited Flight 6: Pick up any remaining footage.
• There will be numerous flights of F-1, Bi Plane, Sport, Super Sport and T-6 aircraft.
There will be no activity on the course, so most flight impacts will be taxi, take off and
land sequences. Exercise caution while taxing, and monitor CTAF 122.7 for current
• All filming will be done on the ramp and pit areas. NO FLIGHT ACTIVITY PLANNED!

Needless to say, this will be a very busy week for us all. I have worked closely with the film crew to minimize the impact on you, the Stead tenants. This is an important opportunity for us to realize some significant revenues, and to support an excellent venue to promote the Reno Air Races and the Reno-Stead Airport. Please plan your flight activities around the film schedule, and for everyone’s safety, avoid flight operations during the unlimited flight times on Thursday and Friday. At all other times, monitor and use CTAF, and work with the film crews to allow them to complete their work, and keep everyone safe. Your cooperation will be appreciated by
everyone. Don’t forget: I will brief anyone interested in my office at 1000 on 7 June.

PRS 2011 RARA information will be sent out next week.

SAUA Annual Open Meeting and BBQ
The Stead Airport Users Association will hold their annual open meeting and BBQ at the airport administration offices (Patti’s place) on Saturday June 18, from 1100-1300.

EAA Young Eagles First Flight Event: Saturday June 25, 0730-1200. The EAA, in cooperation with RTAA and the Reno Air Racing Foundation will conduct a Young Eagles First Flight and aviation career day at the Air Races hangar on the west end of the field. You can expect some pretty heavy flight activity, as last year we flew 100 kids, and hope for more this year. In addition to the flight activity, NV Army and Air Guard units will display aircraft as well as CAREFLIGHT and Washoe County RAVEN. I also encourage you bring your aircraft out to the static area east of the RARA pit area to share your aircraft with the pilots of the future. If you would like to participate, please contact me at 328-6570.


1. FIRE INSPECTIONS:  We are well into the annual fire inspections. If you have not scheduled your inspection for this year, please contact Patti @ 328-6570 or to schedule. These inspections must be complete by July 14.
2. VEHICLE OPERATIONS:  On occasion, I notice unauthorized vehicle operations in the AIRCRAFT MOVEMENT AREA. Vehicle operations beyond the ramp are not authorized. If you have a legitimate reason to operate a vehicle beyond the ramp, contact the airport administrative office 24 hours in advance to request authorization. This requirement is for everyone’s safety. Please use common sense with regards to aircraft accidents and incidents.
3. LOOSE TRASH: You all know what the winds are like out here. Please do not leave trash bags outside of the supplied trash containers. If the closest one to your hangar is full, please find the nearest one that you can use, and use it. None of us wants the distraction of blowing trash while operating at RTS.

I want to thank everyone for the many positive comments regarding the crew’s efforts this past winter. The team worked very hard to keep your airport operational, and your comments were greatly appreciated. I would also like thank everyone for your patience and cooperation during the RSA project. It was a long project, and everyone worked hard to minimize the impact on the Stead tenants. As soon as the weather allows, we will be back to pavement maintenance and crack sealing. We will be sealing portions of A, A2, A3 and the ramp very soon. In addition, we intend to fog seal and repaint the ramp in front of Aviation Classics in August. As I stated
previously, we are going to work hard to protect your pavements.

Finally, as always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Mike Dikun
Reno-Stead Airport Manager