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Friday into Saturday rain leads Sunday to Monday snow

I appears we are in for less than ideal flying conditions from Friday afternoon thru Monday.

Here’s the bottom line at this point:

RTS is right on the edge of seeing rain turn to heavy wet snow on Saturday afternoon. Rain and winds pick up on Friday afternoon/evening and continue thru Monday, with the rain turning to snow as the temps drop thru the weekend. Planning for snow on the ground Monday morning; I am sceptical right now that we will see significant snow on the ground at RTS Sunday morning. But, some of the higher subdivisions in the western Truckee Meadows foothills could see enough snow on the ground Sunday morning to make getting to church and/or brunch a challenge.

If you are planning to head over the mountains, your best bet is to get over before dinner on Friday and plan to come back afternoon Monday. Unless you just like driving slow on I-80 due to snow removal and chain controls or bucking some turbulence and maybe icing flying IMC.

Right now the snow forecast for Saturday afternoon shows RTS right on the rain/snow line, and Sunday night shows us in the 4”-6”+ band.

RTS staff will decide what we are going to posture for snow removal after we see the Friday forecasting. I’ll let you know what our plans are on Friday afternoon.

I am not really familiar with betting terminology, but anyone want to propose the over/under for accumulations? Saturday, Sunday, total?

If you really want to geek out on weather, here is the audio briefing on this that just got posted (about 14 minutes):


Mike Scott

Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)

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