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Crack Sealing in the Hangar Row Areas this Week

RTS staff plans to conduct some pavement maintenance activity in the hangar rows this week.

We intend to do some crack filling in the asphalt one taxilanes in the hangar rows.  This could begin later today depending on when we finish our other start-of-week actions and prep the machinery, but plan on seeing us Tuesday, June 25 – Friday, June 28 working in the hangar areas.

Crack fill material is applied hot and takes some time to set/dry.  To work around your flying, we plan to bring staff in early, but there will be some impact on you.  We will put a few cones up at the entry to the row we are working.  I would ask you avoid driving over material freshly applied, and delay your flying until later in the morning if we are working your row.  We are focusing on the common-use pavement at centerline +/- 20’ or so, and along any asphalt to concrete edge.

There are two hangar rows that we are going to have to apply a different material in because the cracks are larger.  We still need to buy this material, and it requires rental equipment to apply.  We will schedule these two rows individually when we coordinate the material and equipment rental.

You may not remember, but I told you last winter we were authorized to buy a small trailer to dispense fog seal on our pavement.  This crack filling is step one this year for maintain your taxilane pavments.  When we get our trailer, probably just after Air Races, it is our intention to get some fog seal down as step two.


Mike Scott

Reno-Stead Airport (RTS)

Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority