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Bids are out for Continued Ramp Construction

We are approaching our construction season, so we have a bid request on the street for Phase 2 of our TWY A/Ramp reconstruction project.  Recently, we finished Phase 1 which included: the east TWY A/ramp adjacent to the BLM tanker base, some drainage and plumbing improvements, and upgrade of 8 ramp lighting poles to LED.

For this season we are planning TWY A/Ramp paving from where we ended last year west of BLM all the way thru the easternmost concrete parking pads…assuming FAA grants us a little over $7 million that it will take.  The attached pdf shows the tentative construction area.

Right now, contractors are reviewing our construction documents and deciding if and how they want to bid the project.  We are hopeful we can get good bids to our April 8 RTAA Board Meeting for acceptance and pull the construction trigger in May.

One of the big challenges this year is coordinating construction around the fuel island to minimize closure of that fueling option, BLM tanker taxiing and access flow, and Air Race operations from Sunday, June 6 through Saturday, June 12.  YES, there will be a few more days of Air Race training in June to make up for missing 2020.  We also will be focusing on having all our pavement buttoned up by August 28 for Air Racing between September 11 – 19, 2021.  After races, we will have to continue construction.

Once we have a firm bid and contractor in hand, we will work with you all to make sure that you know how aircraft can and cannot move around during this construction.  As always, there will be some inconvenience and longer taxi’s, but the payoff in new, smooth pavement should be worth it.

For right now, I just want you to keep in mind that there will be construction from May through November this year.  More information will follow.

As always, share this info with others, let me know your questions and ideas, and just enjoy watching our airport improve a little more each year.  I’m happy because this is a whole lot easier than another daylight bombing mission to Berlin almost 80 years ago, plus, new pavement is like chocolate to an airport person!

Mike Scott
Reno-Stead Airport

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Stead Ramp Reconstruction Phase 2