Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

August Airport Manager’s Newsletter

Greetings from the staff at Stead,

The National Championship Air Races will return to Stead in a few weeks, and I will provide the most recent information for you later in this letter. Also in this letter, I want to provide information to update you on recent happenings at RTS. First a few house keeping issues.

Runway 26 operations:  Some folks with better performing aircraft ignore the old aviation adage about runway behind you and choose to depart 26 at BRAVO intersection. Most of these folks also do their pre-departure run-ups in front of the BLM tanker base. This is not necessarily a “good neighbor” policy. I have attached an aerial photo with a preferred run up area identified; please use it whenever possible.

BLM No Run-up Area

Vehicle Operations:  for the most part, vehicle operators at RTS adhere to good, safe driving practices in the vicinity of aircraft. Some folks still drive too fast on the ramp and in the vicinity of the hangars, and everyone would appreciate it if all drivers would adhere to a 15 MPH speed limit on the ramp in vicinity of the hangars. As always, aircraft have the right of way. Your cooperation will be appreciated by everyone.

Fire Inspections:  We have all but two fire inspections completed. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this annual exercise to help all of us maintain a safe airport. The inspections went very well, and you are all to be commended for good safe housekeeping in your hangars.

We, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, still receive many insurance forms and other documents that refer to the “Washoe County Airport Authority”. Please notify your insurance carrier and other business associates of the change to Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.


o NCAR impacts on you, the tenants will begin several weeks earlier than race week with many vehicles, pedestrians and non-standard activities on the west ramp area (unlimited pit area, VIP tents, etc). By Monday September 5th, we will all need to exercise extreme caution while taxing, due to the large numbers of pedestrians and vehicles in the area. This is the day set up will really hit the ramp areas west of the grandstands. The potential for conflict will be VERY HIGH! If possible, please tow your aircraft to the north end of the ramp. Throughout race week (9/11-9/20), please contact me at 690-2217 with any concerns, and to coordinate a tow from your hangar. I will go into detail regarding operations later.

o As part of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority’s efforts to provide excellent customer service to our tenants, the RTAA has made arrangements for Reno-Stead tenants to relocate their aircraft to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport during race week. There will be no charge for ramp parking at RNO from 0800 Saturday, September 10 through 1700 Monday, September 19.

o The RTAA point of contact at RNO will be Mike Scott, Manager of Airside Operations: or 328-6407. To make arrangements
to relocate to RNO, contact Cody Davenport at Million Air. Cody’s phone number is 825-6400. Due to security requirements at RNO, free access to
your aircraft will be limited to Million Air’s hours of operation 0600-2000 daily. If you need access beyond these hours, there may be an after hours
service charge. At this time, it appears parking will be on the east side of RNO, but Cody will verify your parking location when you arrange your
arrival time. This courtesy arrangement includes ramp parking at RNO. Any additional services you require will need to be coordinated with Million
Air and will be provided at Million Air’s normal rates and fees. If you are a hangar owner and choose to take advantage of this offer, be aware NO
COMMERCIAL VENTURES are authorized in your hangar during race week. I would appreciate your help in tracking use of this service by letting
me know if you plan to relocate to RNO. As always, feel free to contact me at 328-6570 or 690-2217 if you have questions.

o The FAR Part 91 Waiver will be in effect beginning Sunday morning, September 11 at 0800, and remain in effect each day through Sunday, September 18 at 1700. For the waiver to be in effect, either “RACE CONTROL” or the temporary FAA tower will be up and operating. A TFR will also be in effect
from 0600-2000 EACH DAY, beginning Monday September 12 through Sunday September 18.

o Hours of operation (Local) for the temporary tower (“Stead Tower” 133.3) will be:

§ 1200-2000 Thursday September 8
§ 0800-2000 Friday September 9 and Saturday September 10.
§ NO temporary tower on Sunday, September 11. (“RACE CONTROL” 133.3 only, 0745-1700)
§ 0600-0745 and 1630-2000 daily Monday 9/12-Sunday 9/18.
§ 0600-1700 on Monday September 19 to facilitate arrivals and departures.
§ If you plan to operate from RTS during these times, arrivals and departures should be planned for no later than 0730 in the morning and no earlier than 1730 in the afternoon. Notify the tower on initial contact you are “Stead tenant with AWOS”. If something happens that absolutely
requires you to depart during racing, contact me at 690-2217 to coordinate your request. Please do not use this service unless absolutely necessary (life and death emergency would qualify).

o If you do operate during these times at RTS, a NO ENGINE TURN LINE will be in effect during these hours of operation. The NO ENGINE TURN LINE is north of the pit areas, and indicates the northern boundary where aircraft are allowed to operate under power. No aircraft may operate under their own power south of the NO ENGINE TURN LINE. Please contact me at 690- 2217 or Patti at 328-6570 to coordinate a tow to or from the NO ENGINE TURN LINE to your hangar. 24 hour advance notice would be a great help to us to provide this service. The NO ENGINE TURN LINE looks like this:

No Engine Turn Line
No Engine Turn Line

The runway 32 ILS will be NOTAMed Out of Service beginning Thursday September 8, with return to service scheduled by close of business, Tuesday, September 19. The new AWOS was commissioned August 8 by the FAA. While we have had no opportunity to use it yet, the new reporting system also includes precipitation. Another added feature is the information is available graphically on the web at

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns and suggestions regarding our airport. My phone contact information is Office: 328-6570, Cell: 690-2217, or you may email me at Anyone wishing to receive e-mail notifications please send your e-mail address to me as well. It is my goal to have the Air Races go as smoothly as possible, and with your help, I’m sure it will be a great success.

Best regards,

Mike Dikun
Reno-Stead Airport Manager