Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

2011 Reno-Stead Open House and Young Eagles Event

The Reno-Stead Airport had an Open House event on June 25th which included a Pancake Breakfast, huge Young Eagles event sponsored by the Reno Air Racing Foundation and displays by the Reno Fire Department, the Army National Guard and local custom car clubs. The event began at 8 am and continued until noon.

More than 126 young people were given their first taste of flight as part of the Young Eagles Program. The EAA Young Eagles Program was started in 1992 in an effort to interest more young people in all fields of aviation. The Program is open to all young people ages 8-17. Young Eagles volunteers provide instruction in the basics of flight and how an aircraft works and they the kids are given a short free ride in and aircraft. More information about the Program may be found on the Young Eagles Website:

The Pancake Breakfast was held in the Reno Air Racing Association hangar at the west end of the Stead ramp. After breakfast the Young Eagles participants were directed to an aircraft parked just outside the hangar door where they were given briefings on how aircraft fly and how all the control surfaces on the airplane work. They were then directed toward the edge of the aircraft parking ramp were 13 pilots and their aircraft had volunteered to give the kids their first flight. The kids and pilots were paired up and then the pilot described the specifics of the plane they would be riding in. After the flights the kids were given a first flight certificate signed by their pilot.

The Reno Fire Department was also on hand to provide tours of one of their big trucks and let the kids try on one of their silver fire suits.

The Army National guard had two helicopters on display and gave tours and lectures on the helicopter uses and capabilities.

If that wasn’t enough, several local car clubs brought out restored and custom cars for a Show-&-Shine display. Over 35 beautiful cars were available to look at – but not to touch.

The following photos show some of the activities at this year’s Open House event (click on the photo for a larger version):

Registration and Pancake Breakfast.



The first stop for the kids (and adults) was the registration desk and Pancake Breakfast.





Preflight training


After breakfast the kids received an introduction to the ground school portion of flight training. An aircraft was available for demonstration purposes.




The waiting area to meet the pilots.


After receiving their introduction to flying ground school the kids moved over to the edge of the ramp and got in line to meet the pilot who would give them their flight. Thirteen pilots volunteered their time and aircraft to conduct the flights.




Kids and parents talk with a pilot after a flight.


The kids and parents talk with one of the volunteer pilots after one of the flights.





Reno Fire Department display truck.


The Reno Fire Department brought one of their trucks to the open house. The described how the truck was used, gave tours inside the truck and let the kids try on one of their fire suits.




Army Air National Guard medivac helicopter.


The Army National Guard based at the Reno-Stead Airport brought over two of their helicopters to display. Here a grouped of kids is getting a tour of a helicopter configured for medical evacuation operations.



Custom cars on display at the Open House.


More than 50 Custom and Vintage restored cars were on display during the open house.




custom cars on display.


A brand new Gullwing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was parked next to an original Gullwing Mercedes 300SL.



Custom Hot Rod at the Open House.




One of the custom hot rods on display at the Open House.



Custom Hotrod on display.



Another of the custom hotrods on display at the Reno-Stead Airport Open House.