The Airport

Information about Reno-Stead Airport –  the facilities and the services available on the airport.

The Reno-Stead Airport Manager may be contacted at:

4895 Texas Avenue

Reno, NV  89506

(775) 328-6570

The following information is taken from the FAA Airport Facility Directory:

RENO/STEAD (RTS) 10 NW UTC8(7DT) N39°40.09 W119°52.59 SAN FRANCISCO
5050 B S4 FUEL 100LL, JET A OX 1, 3 TPA—See Remarks NOTAM FILE RNO H–3B, L–9A, 11A
RWY 14–32: H9000X150 (ASPH–GRVD) S–65, D–85, 2S–108, 2D–120 HIRL IAP
RWY 14: REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 40.
RWY 32: MALSR. REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 40. Thld dsplcd
Rgt tfc.
RWY 08–26: H7608X150 (ASPH–GRVD) S–60, D–90, 2S–114
HIRL 0.8% up E
RWY 08: REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 40.
RWY 26: MALSR. REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 40. Rgt tfc.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended 1600–0100Z‡. Attendant on call 24 hours
775–328–6600. Parachute Jumping. Ultralight activity on and
invof arpt. Military parachute ops north of arpt. C-130 night
parachute ops and low level flight training on arpt. Extensive army
guard helicopter ops invof arpt. Be alert for balloon traffic NW
quadrant of arpt. PAEW occasionally on rwys and twys. Extensive
tanker ops during fire season. TPA—5850(800), 6250(1200)
heavy/high performance acft, 6050 (1000) glider acft left tfc to
south side of Rwy 26 on dirt shoulder. Avoid overflight of housing
areas east and west of airfield. Heliport on fld. Glider opr daily.
Rwy 08 and Rwy 14 PAPI OTS indef. 0100–1700Z‡ ACTIVATE HIRL
Rwy 08–26 and Rwy 14–32—CTAF. 1700–0100Z‡ HIRL Rwy 08–26 and Rwy 14–32 opr continuously.
WEATHER DATA SOURCES: AWOS–A 135.175 (775) 677–0589. Plus visibility.
R NORCAL APP/DEP CON 126.3 CLNC DEL For clnc del call Norcal apch at (916) 361–0596.
MUSTANG (H) VORTACW 117.9 FMG Chan 126 N39°31.88 W119°39.37 293° 13.1 NM to fld. 5949/16E.
ILS/DME 111.9 I–RTS Chan 56 Rwy 32. Class IT.