Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

STEAD AIRPORT USERS’ ASSOCIATION Meeting Minutes August 14, 2012


August 14, 2012

The Stead Airport Users’ Association (SAUA) held the monthly meeting at the Stead Airport Manager’s Office, August 14, 2012, as follows:

1. Attendance: Tom Hall, President; Ken Weigand, Vice-President, Dan Ross, Secretary, Dave Miller, Treasurer. Board Members: Mike Walsh, Terry Matter, RARA Representative, Mike Dikun, Reno-Stead Airport Manager, and Tracy Rhoads, IT Manager.  Member(s) absent: Lew Gage, Lin Manning, and Don Osborne.

2. Minutes: Minutes of the June 12, 2012 meeting were delayed until the October 2012 meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Cash on hand, $3556.18.  Currently there are 61 members.  29 members have paid the current membership year (1 July -30 June) dues.  Dave asked that all non-current members be notified.  New membership year began July 1, 2012, dues are $20 per year.  Dues can be paid: check by mail, PayPal from the Website, or cash to Dave Miller.

4. Correspondence: None

5. Officers and Directors: None

6. Airport Manager’s Report: Seal coating Rwy 32/14, Taxiway B and fire lanes is complete.  Mike thanked the Tenants for their patience and hoped that the disruption to daily activities was minimal.  The taxi lanes are scheduled for seal coating next, time TBA.  The entry gates to Stead have the new computer-operated card lock system installed.  The change over from the metal “dog tag” key is scheduled for a 6 month period (TBD) to give all tenants ample time to trade their metal key for or rent a card.  During this 6 month period, both keys, the metal key or the card, will open the gates.  After the 6 month exchange period expires, only the card will remain functional. For those with metal keys, there is no charge for the exchange. For those without metal keys or lost metal keys, there is a one-time refundable charge of $25.  The Air Race activities will upon us in less than a month.  Mike said the Tenant Letter will answer most questions, but if a Tenant has questions/special circumstances, please stop by his office for a chat.  He highlighted some of the new procedures/changes in operations that are new this year, more info later.  In addition to the normal Race NOTAMs and TFR, the Stead Airport will be closed from 10pm to 6am daily.  The FAA will operate the tower from 6am to 10pm except during the race periods when RACE CONTROL is operational.  Aircraft that have a need to operate during the field closure/race times can relocate to RNO and park overnight at Million Air where special arrangements have been made for Tenants and race participants, more info later.  All Air Race participants are to be in-place no later than noon Saturday, September 8 (tech inspections).  Expect race aircraft to begin arriving Wednesday, September 5.  Therefore, the NO PROP LINE goes into effect sooner, at noon Friday, September 7.  Normal procedures apply, see Mike for special circumstances (sooner rather than later). TENANT NOTE: There is expected to be a larger than normal NTSB and FAA presence this year, before, during, and after the races. Lastly, Mike said the new EOC/Terminal Building presentation is deferred until the
September Trustee meeting and final vote scheduled for Dec.

7. Stead Liaison Report: None. (For a complete list of current Trustees and their bios, go to  Tom reiterated that Board Trustees and Airport Authority staff is always welcome/encouraged to attend the monthly SAUA meetings.  The next General Membership and Safety meeting is scheduled for October 9, locations TBD.

8. RARA Report:  None, Terry said that Mike covered it all.

9. IT Report:  Tracy gave an in-depth briefing of the SAUA Website Statistics.  260 visits, 731 page views, average duration on site is 2:47, and 60% of visitors are daily users.  The search terms most used are “Stead Users, Stead Airport Users, Stead Airport Users Association, Smith miniplane for sale, hangar for sale/rent Reno, Stead Airport, Aviation Scholarships, and the Bingo Fuel article”. The pages most visited in order are: the Home page, For Sale, TFRs, AME page, Store, Fuel Prices, and the Calendar page.  Maintenance actions since the last meeting: removed bogus forum posts, added TFR page, fuel price updates x 2, Bingo Fuel article, RTAA Planning meeting info, and the Truckee fuel problem.  For a guy who is a volunteer IT professional, he seems to spend a lot of time on the SAUA Website.  Thank you for your time and efforts Tracy.

10. General Discussion: None

11. Next Meeting: The September meeting is cancelled due to Air Race activities.  We will resume regular monthly Board meetings on   October 9, 2012, with a Wintertime Flying Safety meeting, location TBD.

12. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:50p.


Respectfully Submitted,



Herman D. Ross, Secretary








To represent the interests of all Tenants on the Reno-Stead Airport including Aircraft Owners, Fixed Base Operators, Aircraft Repair Facilities, United States Government Agencies and all parties of interest;

To ensure that all Tenants have the opportunity to speak with a united voice to the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority (owner of the airfield facility), the Federal Aviation Administration and the Local Governments relative to safe and affordable flying in Northern Nevada;

To enrich and promote the reputation of General Aviation within our community; and

To promote a “Good Neighbor” policy with the Nevada National Guard, support facility improvements that enhance the Tenant experience and encourage affordable services, fuel prices and hangar rentals from all service providers operating at the Reno Stead Facility.