Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

RENO STEAD AIRPORT ASSOCIATION Meeting Minutes September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015

The Reno Stead Airport Association (RSAA) monthly meeting was called to order at 5:15p at the Reno Stead Terminal Conference Room, Tuesday, September 9, 2015 as follows:

1. Welcome and Attendance: Tom Hall, President, Dave Miller, Treasurer, Ken Wiegand, Vice-President, and Dan Ross, Secretary. Board Members: Terry Matter, RARA Representative, Bill Eck, RTAA Trustee and liaison to the RSAA, Mike Dikun, Reno-Stead Airport Manager, Tracy Rhodes, IT Manager, Lin Manning, Don Osborne, and Mike Walsh. Board Member(s) absent: Lew Gage, and Alby Redick. Guests/Members: Liane Conway, Cricket Clark, Tim Nichols, John Parker, CW5 Jeff DuCharme, NVARNG, Bob McLaughlin, and Wes Waltenspiel. Special Guest(s): Ken Moen, RTAA General Aviation Specialist II.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting: Approval of the Minutes of August 11, 2015 meetings was unanimous.

3. Financial Report: Cash on hand: $2747.54 Dave asked that all members be reminded that we are now in the new membership year with dues now payable. The new membership year has changed and now began Jan 1, 2015 and ends December 31, 2015, dues are $20 per year. Dues can be paid: check or cash by mail at:

Reno Stead Airport Association
5499 Alpha Avenue
Reno, NV 89506

or PayPal from the Website (, or cash/check to Dave Miller at the Miller Speed Sports hangar.

4. Membership Report: Currently there are 105 members; several members have not yet renewed their membership for the current fiscal year.

5. RTS Manager’s Report: Mike briefed that Taxiway C, Phase II will consist of completely rebuilding taxiway C and construction will begin immediately after the Air Races. Taxiway C will be closed until the project is complete. Check Notams and ASOS for latest updates to the Phase II construction schedule. Portions of the closed Taxiway C may be used to park aircraft during the Air Races.
Additionally, the ILS will be OTS during the Air Races and will return to 24 hour operation 21 September.
The Air Race Operational Plan “BE NOs” (there will be no this and be no that) are published by RARA in coordination with the Airport Manager and have been emailed to all tenants who have given their email addresses to Airport Management. The Ops Plan is available on the RSAA Website, The NO PROP LINE will be in effect starting Thursday, September 10th. Check NOTAMS and AWOS for updated info.
During normal business hours, both the mission planning room and associated bath room are accessible from the flight line side. The flight lounge available after hours by card lock (the same card issued to tenants) or using a code posted as previously located. There also will be an EXIT ONLY door from the mission planning room to the south side front parking lot. Open WiFi is available. The Terminal Building is available during and after hours for training, seminars, and other activities. Contact Patty at the Airport Manager’s Office at 775-328-6570 or for details.

6. RTAA Trustee Liaison Report: Trustee Bill Eck said Precious Metal, a P-51 Unlimited Class Racer, was heavily damaged by fire at a planned fuel stop enroute to Stead, September 9th. Bill said the official FAA waiver for the Air Races has been granted, the final piece of the “official paperwork”. He also mentioned that the Reno FSDO has been reorganized and now reports to the Las Vegas FSDO. Bill said if anyone wanted to contact him, his email address is
For more information about the Board of Trustees and their bios, go to
7. RARA Trustee Liaison Report: The 2015 Air Race event is on schedule as can be seen in the construction projects in the Pit Area. A recap of race line up: Expecting 19 Formula 1 racers, 12 Bi Planes, T-6 Class is full, 40 Sport Planes, 18 Jets, and 14(one less with the loss of Precious Metal) Unlimiteds. Terry said the FAA Certified Breitling Jet Team would be performing at this year’s races, more ballet than acro. The team consists of 7 L-39 aircraft and 1 spare. More info at:
The TORA TORA TORA Airshow will also be performing with 8 equivalent aircraft in WWII Japanese livery and 1 P-40 in original markings. See website at: An F-16 will be also performing 4 days during the races. Terry said the CAF has signed up for this year’s displays. Looking ahead to the 2016 Air Races, Terry said the Blue Angles have committed to perform.

8. Special Guest: Tina Iftiger, RTAA VP of Economic Development was unavoidably detained. She rescheduled her presentation for the October meeting.

9. Webmaster Report: Tracy said he published 2 articles, added 11 items to the calendar, deleted 1675 spam attempts to access the site, and updated the website software 8 times. There were 407 visits by 364 users with a 1:12 average duration, viewing 3.7 pages. 147 (36%) of those visits were by mobile devices. Tracy said there were 1514 pages visited with the most visited pages: Home Page 258, For Sale 386, Calendar of Events 75, Airport Businesses 62, Fuel Prices 12, Aviation Medical Examiners 67, Contact 36, About 44, and Air Race Procedures 22.
Tracy is now in the Web Hosting business, if you need web site assistance or a new web site developed, please give Tracy a call.

10. WiFi Status: Current Stead_Users_West Password is: Jan2015-SteadU. The Stead Users internet transmitter is intended to be Ramp Access WiFi Only and coverage is not expected to extend to hangars located south of the parking apron.
For those desiring their own personal high speed internet connection, please contact Robert Andrews at:

11. Next Meeting: President Tom Hall gave a special thanks to all for attending the RSAA Meeting and extended an open invitation to the entire Airport Authority Management Team.
The next General Meeting is scheduled for 5:15p Octorber 13, 2015 at the Freedom Center (Terminal Building) Conference Room located upstairs.

11. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:23p.

Herman D. Ross, Secretary
To represent the interests of all Tenants on the Reno-Stead Airport including Aircraft Owners, Fixed Base Operators, Aircraft Repair Facilities, United States Government Agencies and all parties of interest;

To ensure that all Tenants have the opportunity to speak with a united voice to the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority (owner of the airfield facility), the Federal Aviation Administration and the Local Governments relative to safe and affordable flying in Northern Nevada;

To enrich and promote the reputation of General Aviation within our community; and

To promote a “Good Neighbor” policy with the Nevada National Guard, support facility improvements that enhance the Tenant experience and encourage affordable services, fuel prices and hangar rentals from all service providers operating at the Reno Stead Facility.