Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

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Meeting Minutes, August 13, 2019


General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Reno Stead Airport Association (RSAA) bi-monthly general meeting was called to order by Secretary Jack Buchold at 5:20 pm at the Reno Stead Terminal Conference Room, Tuesday, August 13, 2019 as follows:

Welcome and Attendance: Jack Buchold, Secretary, welcomed all to the meeting. Association Officers Jack Buchold, Secretary, and Dave Miller, Treasurer were in attendance. Tracy Rhodes, IT Manager was not in attendance, and President Tom Hall arrived late due to a court appearance. Directors Dan Ross and Terry Matter, RARA Representative, were in attendance, as was Guest Member Mike Scott, RTS Manager. Directors Lew Gage, Lin Manning, Bob McLaughlin, and Alby Redick, Aviation Classics, were not in attendance. There were a total of thirteen individuals at the meeting.

Members/Guests In Attendance: Special Guest(s): Dean Schultz, COO of the Reno Tahoe Airport Association (RTAA), and Karen Inda representing RTAG.

1. Minutes of Last Meeting: The Minutes of the previous general membership meeting had been previously approved without comment.

2. Financial Report: Dave Miller that we had $3,706.16 in our account, a continuation of the previous financial report of over $3 thousand in our account.

We were reminded that The new membership year began January 1, 2019 and ends December 31, 2019, dues are $20 per year. Dues can be paid: check or cash by mail at:

Reno Stead Airport Association
5499 Alpha Avenue
Reno, NV 89506

or PayPal from the Website (, or cash/check to Dave Miller at the Miller Speed Sports hangar.

3. Membership Report: Jack Buchold reported 125 listed names on the roster per Dave Miller, 86 names on our email distribution list, and 65 paid memberships.

4. Program: The program was provided by Mike Scott, KRTS Airport Manager, who reported on his D-Day plus 75 trip to Normandy.

Mike Scott put together an excellent narrative and video presentation on his visit to Normandy, starting out on May 23, the exact same day that troops starting moving out from England. He first told that the decision had been made to invade Europe as an inroad to Germany, within eleven days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He described the RAF Duxford Living Museum and its exhibits, the 1997 built 8th Air Force Museum and the Portsmouth Royal Naval Museum and cited “The Longest Day” and statistics of over 156 thousand fighting men, 301,00 vehicles, 5,333 ships, 1,800 trains, and almost 11,000 aircraft employed during the landing. He displayed a picture of one of the glass panels which lined a quarter-mile walkway, each panel four by eight in size, showing the flight unit and the silhouettes of aircraft lost during the engagement. He specified the Pointe Du Hoc landing by the Army Rangers, and their support group that as a result of communications difficulties, made such an important contribution to Omaha Beach fighting. He focused on certain beach landings and activities, noting the over 140,000 shells fired from ships to support such, including Omaha Beach 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions, the 82nd Airborne Division at La Fiere, and the Pegasus Bridge landing by the glider pilots. He reviewed the overall battle plans, the 85 machine gun emplacements held by the Germans, our invaders successes and difficulties, and the cemeteries of our fallen, which approximated 11,000 personnel. It was a truly outstanding story that he put together.

5. RTS Manager’s Report: Mike Scott, RTS Airport Manager reminded us that if you would like to contact him, his twitter feed is @RTSAV8TR.

He said there was continuing road work, there were still small areas of patching that needed to be done before they start on the major roadway and gate work to be completed after the Air Races, the oil trailer on order to facilitate hangar rows fogging and slurry placement, and October meetings with tenants to discuss ramp and taxiway repaving.

6. RTAA Trustee Liaison Report: Shaun Carey was not in attendance, however, Dean Schultz reviewed that a design had been approved for the reconstruction of the ramp, phase two of the rate study had been completed for the RNO hangars, and 16L will be involved in the runway reconstruction at RNO.

7. RARA Report: Terry Matter said that they will have an active control tower on September 5 until 2:30 pm, then it will be active every day through the next Sunday. He also noted that the Thunderbirds will launch and recover for the Air Races, at RNO.

Fred Telling, Chairman of RARA, said that there was going to be a community event on September 7 at Stead, the Mayor is coming, there will be one aircraft for each class in the Races, Maryland gate will be open for locals to see the aircraft, and during the races, Wednesday will be free to local community residents.

8. Webmaster Report: Tracy Rhodes wrote that he had published eight articles, and had updated the software 17 times. Over the previous month, we had 346 visits, an average of four pages reviewed, and 162 visits were from mobile devices, for 47% of the total. Of the 1296 pages reviewed, home page had 170 visits, hangar space had 345 visits, and for sale had 119 visits. Our address is still

9. RTAG Report: Bob Meurer was not in attendance, however Karen Inda provided an extensive review, noting that The Aviation BBQ was a huge success, several student pilots were there and, Master of Ceremonies, Joe Rajacic, gave each of them a logbook, an E6B, and advice on flying lessons. They hope to make this an annual event, but will consider doing a Pancake Breakfast next year to avoid the heat. 

RTAG’s next event is a FlyOut CampOut BBQ at Alpine Airport, near Markleeville, this weekend.  RSVP to John Howitt by this Friday at noon, so he knows how much food to buy. His cell phone number is 775.843.8690. The next RTAG General Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 2nd, 5:30pm, at Civil Air Patrol, 601 S. Rock Blvd. On Saturday, October 12th, RTAG will host its first-ever Poker Run. Participants will pay $100 to collect one card at each airport, or $150 to collect two cards at each airport. The entrance fees will be divided, with 50% going to the Tom Pagnano Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the other 50% going to the winners. If there’s weather on October 12th, we will reschedule for October 13th. If there’s weather on October 13th, we will reschedule for October 27th.

Operation Santa Claus is scheduled for Saturday, December 7th, and we will need pilots for the Parade of Planes. RTAG Vice-President Sandy Munns will be Santa Claus this year, need a Mrs. Claus. Contact Mary Lee Mansfield at the Reno Airport if you know any ladies who are interested. The RTAA will provide the clothing.  <>

RTAG’s Annual Banquet is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4th, 2020, at Red Hawk Resort in Wingfield Springs. Tickets will be available in advance on the RTAG website. We hope to have 150 people attend.

10. Next RSAA ACTIVITY: Saturday, August 17

Pancake Breakfast at Tom Hall’s hangar, 9-11 AM

Next RSAA Membership Meeting: October 8, 2019

Mike Reynolds, Young Eagles EAA Program

11. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM

Jack Buchold, Secretary


To represent the interests of all Tenants on the Reno-Stead Airport including Aircraft Owners, Fixed Base Operators, Aircraft Repair Facilities, United States Government Agencies and all parties of interest;

To ensure that all Tenants have the opportunity to speak with a united voice to the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority (owner of the airfield facility), the Federal Aviation Administration and the Local Governments relative to safe and affordable flying in Northern Nevada;

To enrich and promote the reputation of General Aviation within our community; and To promote a “Good Neighbor” policy with the Nevada National Guard, support facility improvements that enhance the Tenant experience and encourage affordable services, fuel prices and hangar rentals from all service providers operating at the Reno Stead Facility.