Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

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February Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2017

The Reno Stead Airport Association (RSAA) monthly meeting was called to order by President Tom Hall at 5:18 pm at the Reno Stead Terminal Conference Room, Tuesday, February 7, 2016 as follows:

1. Welcome and Attendance: Tom Hall, President, welcomed all at the meeting, including Association Officers:
Dave Miller, Treasurer, and Jack Buchold, Secretary. Board Members in attendance were: Lew Gage, Bob Meurer, Dan Ross, Tracy Rhodes, IT Manager, Mike Dikun, Stead Airport Manager. Board Member(s) absent were: Ken Wiegand, Vice-President, Lin Manning, Terry Matter, RARA Representative, Don Osborne, Alby Redick, Aviation Classics and Mike Walsh.

Guests/Members: Jan Bishop, Carmen Gage, Jerry Thurman, Steve Phillips representing RTAG, and Mike Crowell representing RARA. Special Guest(s): Bill Eck, RTAA Trustee, Tina Iftiger, RTAA VP of Economic Development, Ken Moen, RTAA GA Property Specialist, and Laurie Weeks, RTAA.

2. Welcome RTAA Trustees: Bill Eck was present at the meeting.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting: The Approval of the Minutes of the January 18, 2017 meeting was unanimous.

4. Financial Report: Dave Miller reported that we held $2,866.24 in our account. At the previous meeting, cash was $2,748.23 and Dave asked that all members be reminded that we are now in the new membership year with dues now payable. The new membership year has changed. Please do not forget that the new membership year begins January 1, 2017 and ends December 31, 2017, dues are $20 per year. Dues can be paid: check or cash by mail at:

Reno Stead Airport Association
5499 Alpha Avenue
Reno, NV 89506

or PayPal from the Website (, or cash/check to Dave Miller at the Miller Speed Sports hangar.

5. Membership Report: Dave Miller reported a total of 126 names on the membership roster, as the 2017 membership renewals were in process of being posted.

6. Program: No Program was scheduled.

7. RTS Manager’s Report: Mike Dikun, Airport Manager, provided an update on the personnel recruitment to replace Patti Edgington, he had recommended an individual to the RTAA CEO Marily Mora, and he expected an answer by the end of the week, with perhaps the person in place by March 1st. He noted that flooding had occurred on the airport property due to the recent heavy rains, the sand bagging that was in certain areas, the washouts around muddy areas, and reminded everyone to try to stay on the improved roads. He had some traffic count equipment breakdowns due to the weather, and reminded everyone about the construction to occur. We are reminded that we could help improve the traffic count after the recording equipment was fixed, GO FLY. We were also told that during normal business hours, both the mission planning room and associated bathroom are accessible from the flight line side. The Terminal Building is available during and after hours for training, seminars, and other activities. Contact the Airport Manager’s Office at 775-328-6570

8. RTAA Report: Ken Moen spoke of the meeting just concluded where the new DRAFT Reno-Stead Airport General Aviation Commercial Minimum Standards was discussed, and the charrette stations scheduled for the February 21st meeting where stakeholders would review certain plan elements as noted at the meeting earlier today. He also presented a schedule of subsequent meetings: March 14 to reconvene the CEO Advisory Group to review and finalize all input, March/April RTAA to review all stakeholder input and revise GAMS draft as appropriate, May 23rd, when the RTAA would present the final draft GAMS to the CEO Advisory group, and June 6 and 8, presentation of the RTS final draft GAMS to the RTAA Board of trustees.

9. RTAA Trustee Liaison Report: Bill Eck said that he had been at a planning and construction meeting in the morning, where a grant of $2.2 million had been approved for Q&D to construct the nine concrete pads, and a request to execute a professional service agreement for $1.5 million for reconstructing 8/26 was approved. He said that had last been done in 1992, and construction would include blackout periods during PRS and the Air Races.

Bill also discussed the loss of legendary Bob Hoover, an exemplary and very knowledgeable pilot, and his attendance at the burial. Bill had previously said that if anyone wanted to contact him, his email address is For more information about the Board of Trustees and their biographies, go to

10. RARA Trustee Liaison Report: Terry Matter was not in attendance, however, MIKE CROWELL, RARA President, gave a report in Terry’s absence. He said that he had some recommendations for the RTAA Board, and he would review those with us at our March 14 meeting. He and Bill Eck reported that there would be no airshow teams this year, there was scheduled a meeting with the unlimited class to discuss some changes in safety issues, and Mike would like to add some more racing for unlimited. He is also interested in more military static displays, and has some commitments for a P-51, an F4-U Corsair, and a P-40 from a Houston group. He is also looking to get back the heritage aircraft.

11. Webmaster Report: Tracy Rhodes said that the website was working fine, the GAMS meeting was bannering on the site, and there was more traffic than for the previous month. Nonetheless, statistics were: two articles were published, 1363 spam attempts to access the site were deleted, and the website software was updated 3 times. There were 324 visits by 270 different users with a 2:10 minute average duration, viewing 4.8 average pages. 121 (37%) of those visits were by mobile devices. Tracy said there were 1565 pages visited with the most visited pages: For Sale 468, Home Page 251, Join/Renew 66 visits, Calendar of Events 14, Airport Businesses 40, fuel prices 60, Aviation Medical Examiners 80, About 29, and Contacts 22. Tracy is now in the Web Hosting business, if you need web site assistance or a new web site developed, please give Tracy a call.

WiFi Status: Current Stead_Users_West Password is: Jan2015-SteadU. The Stead Users internet transmitter is intended to be Ramp Access WiFi only and coverage is not expected to extend to hangars located south of the parking apron. If you experience your navigation devices timing out before download is complete, please contact the secretary, RSAA. For those desiring their own personal high speed internet connection, please contact Robert Andrews at:

12. RTAG Report: Bob Meurer stated that they had sponsored an ADSB seminar on February 1st and their Annual Dinner would be held at the Tamarack Junction on March 8, with tickets at the door. Bob and Steve Phillips are personally installing a new simulator at Terminal Way.

13. Other Matters: Tracy Rhodes said that the EAA had a use permit for the B-17 tours and rides available March 30 – April 3, tours were $10 and rides were about $400, to benefit the national EAA Association and the local Chapter 1361 as well. Bob Meurer asked when the next Young Eagles activity would be, and Tracy responded that it would be before June.

Jan Bishop handed out a flyer “Scholarship Announcement for Women Pilots” noting the Reno Area Chapter 99’s are offering three scholarships. Please contact Kathy Walton at 775-356-2928 or for more information.

Dave Miller said that member Mick Collins had died in December.

Jack Buchold noted that he and Tracy Rhodes had been working on placing the meeting agendas and minutes on the website under the “About” caption at the top, to enable the members to more easily access RSAA information, and hopefully, to increase our website traffic count.

14. Next General Meeting: President Hall said thanks to all in attendance, and the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 5:15 PM at the Freedom Center (Terminal Building) Conference Room located upstairs.

15. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.