Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Las Vegas Class B

New Class B Airspace will go into affect on August 22nd, 2013 around the Las Vegas Terminal Area. 
Significant airspace changes will require VFR traffic to pay particular attention in order to stay clear of the new Class B airspace.
VFR traffic impacts include but are not limited to:
· The top of Class B will be 10,000 MSL.

·  The encroachment of the 4,000 MSL floor in Area H farther North, just east of the Red Rock Casino, 6nm to 8nm arc.

·   A new Area “T”, allows for a higher floor south of Red Rock Casino towards Blue Diamond. The new floor is 5,500 MSL between 8nm and 10nm arcs along the western side of the valley. BE ALERT to get back down below 5,000 MSL southbound before Blue Diamond or 4,500 MSL northbound before Red Rock Casino. This allows a slightly higher north to south transition along the ridge behind Bishop Gorman High School.

·   The large area north of Jean between 15nm and 20nm arcs lowered the floor to 7,000 MSL. Aircraft transitioning through Cottonwood Pass north of Goodsprings and expecting the old 8,000 MSL Class B floor are now restricted to 7,000 MSL. This area is normally referred to as the “Henderson Practice Area” over Jean Dry Lake.

·   There is a new Area “R” between Goodsprings, Roach Lake and over the Jean Airport, 20nm to 23nm arc.  The Class B blocks 8,000 MSL to 10,000 MSL in that area.

·  Aircraft transitioning south to and from the valley airports into and out of Southern California  will have to delay their climbs southbound and start down earlier northbound to stay below the Class B shelf.

·   There is a slight change west of the HND airport towards the M Casino and Las Vegas Blvd. This will allow more room west of the airport for traffic pattern operations.  Pay particular attention to the Class B line just north of the HND airport – ground reference ques will be different.

·   There are other changes over Boulder Airport and east of the valley over Lake Mead and towards Echo Bay and north.

Attached are some .pdf files you can download to help you understand the new airspace. 

NOTE: Do Not use the satalite pictures for navigation; they are for reference only.