Agenda, Nov 12, 2019 RSAA Meeting

                                      Meeting Notice
DATE:     Tuesday, November 12, 2019
PLACE:    Stead Terminal Building
TIME:     5:15 PM
1. Welcome & Attendance  
2. Financial Report:  Dave Miller, Treasurer
3. Membership Report: Jack Buchold, secretary
4. Program:           Mike Scott – Presentation
Reconstruction of Ramp and Taxiway Plans, plus dinner and drinks
(See attached memo)
5. RTS Manager’s Report:  see above
6. RTAA Trustee Liaison Report:  Shaun Carey
7. RARA Report:  Terry Matter  
8. Webmaster Report:  Tracy Rhodes   
9. RTAG Report: Bob Meurer
10. Next RSAA Board Meeting: December 10, 2019
11. Adjournment

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