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Hangar For Lease/Rent – Reno-Stead Airport

NEW CUSTOM BUILT HANGAR FOR LEASE OR RENT Excellent for Corporate Use   The only hangar available at Reno/Stead Airport to accommodate interior storage of small private jet & general aviation aircraft. 80′ x 80′, 6,400 sq. ft. of unobstructed space on an 85′ x 125′ parcelFully InsulatedNatural Gas HeatHigh Bay Lighting208 Volt, 3-Phase Electric […]

Hangar For Lease – Nervino Airport (O02)

Hanger Dimensions 60′ x 50′ x 18′. Door: 56′ x 18′, opens – split horizontally. Electrical outlets, lighting, 2 small door entrances (side and front), no sewer, no insulation. Airport Information: Elevation: 4900 ft. Fuel Available: 100 LL Airframe service: MAJOR Publicly owned, on-site Fire Department Nearby Airports with instrument procedures:   KRTS – Reno/Stead […]

Hangar For Sale – Reno-Stead Airport

2000 square foot private residence attached to a 3000 square foot hangar on Stead Airport. This house is not for primary residence status but you can use it whenever you want. Fly in and out as you please. Large upper deck with views of Stead Airport is perfect for the ultimate Reno Air Race Party […]