Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Local Charter School Has an Airplane Project


E-TECHS Students and families – The E-TECHS project plane has arrived!  Rusty, a very generous donor and aviation buff,  brought a Cougar experimental plane all the way from San Jose for our kids to refurbish!  Thanks to Rusty for donating and transporting it (He’s 80!) and to Mr. Reynolds, E-TECHS Aviation and Aerospace teacher, for arranging for it.


We were expecting the plane, but not entirely sure it would arrive before school started so we didn’t want to schedule an elective around it until we KNEW it was here.  Well… IT’S HERE!  Soooo…..  students now have an additional elective to choose from.  J   Several students still haven’t chosen their electives so we were going to have to give them the opportunity to choose on Monday anyway. Now are going to give everybody the opportunity to change their electives on Monday morning if they so choose.


Please consider these 1st semester Elective choices and be ready to choose one on Monday when you come in.  Robotics, Creative Writing, Yearbook, Economics, and Introduction to Aerospace Technology.


We are starting with a small first year class of about 30 students.  You will not only get the best education possible, but also a very personal educational experience! We are all very excited to get the new school year started.


By the way… we have a little more painting to do. J  If you are around this weekend and dying to get paint all over your clothes, then  please feel free to stop by and help. We will be there on Sat from 1pm – 8pm finishing up and then Ms. Elkins and family are taking Sunday off to go sailing and mentally prepare for MONDAY!


Finally, be sure to check out the podcast of the interview we did with Monica Jaye on the Nevada Outlook show:


Mrs. Ricci J


Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins, M.Ed.





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