Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

Jan/Feb Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Magazine is Available

The January/February 2015 issue of FAA Safety Briefing looks at all things airspace and air traffic control. Articles highlight important “rules of the sky” and cover the exciting technology changes in our National Airspace System. The issue also profiles the hard–working men and women of ATC who keep us safely separated. 
Feature articles in this issue include: 
·         “The NAS of the Future – Entering a New Era in Safety” (p 8), 
·         “Proceed with Caution – A Review of Special Use Airspace” (p 12), 
·         “Straight Talk: Featuring ATC – Air Traffic Controllers Mic’d Up (p. 20) 
In this issue’s Aeromedical Advisory department (p. 5), Federal Air Surgeon Dr. James Fraser explores some of the warning signs of hypoxia, while Checklist (p 25) reviews resources you can use to better understand the nuances of the NAS, including the “Point Sixty-Five” (FAA Order 7110.65). Also, Angle of Attack (p 32) discusses how the FAA’s new Additional Pilot Program can improve flight test safety.. 
The link to the online edition is: Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @FAASafetyBrief or . 

FAA Safety Briefing is the safety policy voice for the non-commercial general aviation community.  The magazine’s objective is to improve safety by: 
·         making the community aware of FAA resources 
·         helping readers understand safety and regulatory issues, and 
·         encouraging continued training