Aerial view of the Reno-Stead Airport taken from an aircraft flying overhead.

Information for pilots and users of Reno-Stead Airport.

FAASTeam Seminar Incentive Offer

FAASTeam Seminar Incentive Offer

In an effort to motivate more individuals to attend FAASTeam seminars, Gleim will offer WINGS-approved online courses to FAASTeam representatives and FAASTeam program managers for use as door prizes.

[The FAASTeam representative will have to apply for a certificate from Gleim 10 days before the seminar – and they will need to specify which of the available course certificates will be given away.]

The information provided at FAASTeam seminars provides pilots with valuable resources and information that promotes the continued growth and safety of the aviation community. With this offer, Gleim hopes to provide an additional incentive to pilots to attend and actively participate at such seminars and in the WINGS program.

Gleim will provide one certificate per seminar for one of the below listed WINGS-approved Gleim online courses. To encourage attendance, please mention this offer when you create the SPANS event on

To receive the redeemable certificate, which you will award in some meaningful way at a seminar, simply fill out the form at Please allow up to 10 business days before the seminar to process and receive your certificate.

This offer is valid for all FAASTeam safety seminars that provide WINGS credit and are personally hosted by a FAASTeam program manager or FAASTeam representative. FAA employees are not eligible for this door prize.

Courses offered by Gleim:
Safe Pilot Course
Security-Related Airspace Course
Flight Review Ground Training Course
Instrument Pilot Refresher Course
Multi-Engine Add-On Rating Course
Seaplane Add-On Rating Course
Garmin G530 Training Course
Online Communication Course